Build (Solidity SDK)

Build or Solidity SDK provides the tools needed to build custom smart contracts more efficiently by offering a set of pre-built base contracts and reusable components, better known as extensions.


  • Supports popular EIPs: Effortlessly integrate common smart contract features and functionality from popular EIPs such as ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, permissions, metadata, and more.
  • Open Source: The Solidity SDK is open-source and therefore available for any user to audit or contribute to the repository. View the contracts repository.
  • Gas-optimized and audited base contracts: Using base contracts provides a gas-optimized and audited foundation to build your projects.
  • Unlocked Management & Building Tools: Each inherited extension unlocks easy-to-use functions in the contract interaction SDKs, custom admin dashboards, and tailored data feeds.