Publish allows developers to share their contract for others to deploy. Publishing a contract allows it to be shareable, verifiable, and deployable by other users.

To publish a contract, run the following at the root of your directory:

npx thirdweb publish


  • Deployable to any EVM network: Contracts published using the default factory pattern are deployable to any EVM network.
  • Unlocked functionality: Deploying published contracts unlocks auto-generated SDKs and a dashboard to easily build applications.
  • Free to publish: thirdweb covers all gas costs associated with publishing your contract
  • Auto-generated landing page: Receive an automatically generated shareable landing page to allow others to explore contract source code, functions, events, code snippets, and more.
  • Featured on Explore: Some selected contracts are featured on Explore available to the broader community. Inquire about publishing your contract to Explore.