Deploy Contract

To deploy a contract using Deploy:

  • Run CLI

    Navigate to the root of the smart contract repository using the CLI. Then, run the command npx thirdweb deploy.

    Screenshot of CLI deployment output text
  • Authorize device

    To deploy from a desired wallet in the browser, connect and authorize the device.

    Screenshot to link Device
  • Fill parameter

    Once completed, a user interface will open in the browser that allows filling out the parameters of the contract.

    Screenshot to detected extensions when deploying contracts
  • Select Options

    Fill in the necessary fields, then find the Network / Chain drop-down menu to select a network for deployment. Choose the Add to dashboard option if managing this contract from the dashboard and select Deploy Now. This will require signing a transaction in the connected wallet.

    Screenshot of contract deployment confirmation
  • Manage contract

    Once deployed, you can manage your contract through the dashboard.